Old Soldiers

Data Slate Entry #1

This is Carlita Dias, combat medic for the 15th Druidian. As we move through this abandoned hive, I can only guess at the number of days that have passed. I estimate this as day 18 since our deployment on this mission. We completed our primary objective and located the Dominate base camp. We know now that Dominate Commander Harvax Scarus was in league with some sort of Xenos scum. We destroyed their medical experimentation facility, but I was able only to save one native. The three men that I guess were part of the missing unit perished when I attempted to disconnect them from the alien machine. We retreated into the abandoned hive having inadequate forces to meet the hundreds of Dominate forces in pursuit. We are now searching for another exit. Specialist Ingram and Specialist Brown both sustained injuries, as well as our comrades, Natalia and Aphesius. I work each day to repair the wounds I can and treat those I cannot. The information we possess could save countless lives of soldiers fighting in the name of the Imperor. May the Imperor guide us safely to the other side, so we may continue to purge this land of the heretics in league with these Xenos scum.


jyouhas aceyj87

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