Old Soldiers

Corrupted Bees

While Spc. Brown was guarding the wagon, Pvt. Carlita and Spc. Ingram (myself) led the incursion into this Emperor forsaken hive. It proved to be mostly abandoned on the upper levels, save for a singular possibly warp-tainted bear-looking scavenger that we quickly dispatched. As we made to camp for the night, however, we held up in what we thought was a long forgotten apartment; only to discover someone had more recently moved a crate full of Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer. Upon closer inspection, though, they proved to be heretical. We took two to show our superior and burned the rest. As we slept, we were surprised to hear footfalls outside in the hallway outside our apartment. We listened as best we could for a general sense of whither they went, hoping for friendlies, or at least a way out. After packing camp, we followed. This led to a pair of encounters with men (for certain loose interpretations of man). They were not armed like the rest of the Dominion, having mostly no armor and weapons originating from inside the hive. They were led by a psycher, and we would surely have perished had the civilian we saved not proven himself to be a capable fighter. After all opposition lay dead, we burned the psycher, creepy stick and all.
Total kills for the day: one native fauna
one psycher
five+ cultists


jyouhas RaleOGunnery

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